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[Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez] Children Soccer: What you should know

Soccer is an activity that children and parents can enjoy together. There are plenty of times in which becoming a lot more patient with children who want to become better can be really productive. Consider that today, children are rally influenced to be great soccer players with that many publicities about soccer on TV. That is, of course, something good to determine. Soccer can be healthy, useful and totally important as a life objective for your children.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa soccer team

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa soccer team

We already know that there are plenty of children who want to compete and become great soccer players but hey, remember something, these future soccer players will need a lot of training that you will have to help with. Of course, most of the work will be of your children but as a parent, there are important things that you can do for them such as helping them with clothing, training and even including them in a soccer team which would be totally nice, indeed.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez wants you to keep in mind that soccer is also something that your children can do in order to relax if they shave lived a recent stressing experience. Use it also as some sort of therapy that can help to contribute to strengthing your relationship with them. This is interesting to consider because soccer and children do have important bonds that you can take advantage. The fact that children enjoy soccer for fun is something that can work for them as a motivation so that they can totally understand the meaning of a good an important friendship while they grow up and meet friends along the soccer road. 

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Your children will enjoy so be patient

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Your children will enjoy so be patient

As you see there are many benefits for soccer and possibly one of the best ones that you can get for them is this one: Making them happier!

-Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez


[Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez] Soccer is Awesome for Your Children

It is really important that you do something good with your children and that could be for example talking about soccer. There are plenty of things that you could consider like, for example, loving the soccer that your children live.

It may be interesting because you possibly read this since you are a soccer parent or you are a wannabe. That would be good to have into account because of today’s society also needs more people who play sports. Really, aren’t you kind of tired of listening to the same soccer players over and over?

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - Soccer for kids

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Soccer for kids

This is something that you have to take into consideration also, the fact that your children will want to become professional since the beginning. Now, if you see this happening often, do everything but frustrating your children’s dream by saying stuff like “that is not going to happen” or, “don’t dream so high”, never say that to anyone because if they feel it, they can. That goes for you as well, you can make it too.

It is sure that you can go and achieve what you desire because you are the kind of person who can reach everything you wish and never hear to the devilish lies of people who don’t want to see you succeed in life.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - Kids playing soccer

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Kids playing soccer

Well, that said and coming back to children and soccer, remember that there are plenty of children who would love the idea of going further with your objectives.

Remember that you are going to be an important part of the children’s success if they are into soccer so buy them what they need, get them a good trainer, train them when you can, learn with them, play with them and of course, get them good soccer friends. Teach them and they will get a good consciousness of what they are meant to do. That will surely help a lot.


Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez

[Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez] Fratelsa F.C. Has Children with Determination

Fratelsa F.C. is a very good and interesting team to consider in the country of Venezuela because they really rock!

This team is build up of many children who are into learning how to be professional soccer players. They are decided, they want to get there. It may not be an easy task of course but they can learn how to improve the many and interesting soccer skills.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - Vinotinto

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Fratelsa Logo

Fratelsa F.C. is not only about winning every single match, it is also about building a good team and a nice and strong friendship. When you combine those elements, you can be really sure that triumph is guaranteed. It is really important that you understand that there are plenty of people who can get further when it comes to having a strong soccer team but if there is something that can make it different from the rest, is that fraternity among the participants.

Fratelsa F.C. has had important tournaments in which they play against other local teams of young guys who also want to be the very best. Chances are that people can understand how good and interesting it is to become a soccer player since the beginning because for some people soccer is a game, but actually it becomes something very good when you get the sense of the passion for soccer.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa is a Team

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa is a Team

Fratelsa F.C. is not only a team that will keep existing during childhood, awesome memories will keep existing in the memories of these children who lived great moments, unique childhoods and lively matches with their mates. That is the sense of Fratelsa F.C.

-Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez

Under-15 Vinotinto Male Team prepares for the South American Tournament in Chile

La Vinotinto U-15 aims high from day one. National coach category, Tamanaco Piedrahita, not just trying to put together a team for the South American Championship to be held in 2017 in Chile, but seeks to help build a winning path in the national teams from the base. Fratelsa Sport Club joined forces in this modules in order to improve the performance of the team.

“The U15 for me is the most important country’s football team because that is where Vinotinto was born. So we should start giving a lot of growth to the player, with the aim that one day I can get to wear the shirt of the adult national team,” said the strategist, who works closely with the senior national coach Rafael Dudamel.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - La Vinotinto

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Vinotinto FVF

Looking at the future

And with this vision began work this week in Guanare strategist with a preset product of a previous tour almost every corner of the country. “Out of 24 states, we were at 22 and had the opportunity to see as many players as possible (…). We reached a large number, which was around 2,500 players across the country,” said the helmsman.

The Announcement

Goalkeepers: Luis Forero (Zamora F.C.), Ronel Infante (Deportivo Lara) and Ricardo Marquez (Secasport).

Defenders: Omar Bianco (Zamora FC), Samuel González (Police Lara), Armando Moncada (Colts FC), Rafael Alvarado

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - Vinotinto

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Fratelsa Logo

(Portuguesa FC), Joaquín Suárez (Secasport), Denyson Soto (Secasport), Aldo Marinelli (Colts FC), Oscar Jimenez (Deportivo La Guaira), Esmar Sulbarán (Colts FC), Elvis Marin (Deportivo Lara) and Andrew Vargas (Deportivo Lara).

Midfielders: Adrian Lopez (Madeira), Jhon Lopez (Llaneros) Telasco Segovia (Deportivo Lara), Yorman González (Portuguesa FC), Clyde Garcia (Deportivo La Guaira), Luis Ramos (School Mejia), José Serrano (Colts FC), Enyerson Mirela (Richard Bolívar), Yorien Cordero (School Mejia), Daniel Betancourt (Secasport), Stefano Mazzariol (Secasport) and Dilan Ortiz (Puerto Cabello Academy).

Forwards: Luis Peña (Colts F.C.), Daniel Perez (Fratelsa), Cleiver Oviedo (Llaneros), Gabriel Serrano (School Mejia), Ricardo (Madeira) Vasquez and Francisco Carreño (Deportivo La Guaira).

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - Fratelsa

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – The Sub 15 team

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Fratelsa International has born in Madrid

Under the coordination of David Arroyo, technical and advisory director of Spain’s most important Minor Football schools, has born Fratelsa Sport International.

With a group of lichenification sessions designed and directed by David Arroyo, began this new experience with a Club in Spanish territory, where talents from around the world have gathered to become co-founders.

“It was a great and fun experience to share with these kids in Fratelsa once again”

This was the expression of David Arroyo, Leader of Fratelsa in Spain at the end of the second week of technical advanced trainings.

For five years, Fratelsa Sport has strategic alliances with David Arroyo, an alliance that has allowed the development of a multitude of activities in Venezuela, the US and Spain. So, this is simply another stage in the evolution of the original Venezuelan Club but already transcends borders and also seeks to consolidate in Europe as one of the most important Children’s School Football Clubs.

“There are few important news that has Fratelsa for the coming months, this week we have taken a small open mouth with an image that, although not evidence fully, says a lot about two important partnerships that have consolidated”

With these words, our director Hugo Savarese dismisses modernization session today, confident of a bright future for the club, of the wonderful children and young people who make up the teams and of course of their families.

Based on his experiences as professional footballers and their university training, Giovanni and Hugo Savarese decided in 2004 to form Fratelsa, a football academy for kids and young people, in order to offer a program of technical and tactical training, aimed at developing the qualities of young passionate about football in Venezuela.

-Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Children Soccer: Tips

Soccer is a sport that many children like and they will surely enjoy with their parents. If you are on the soccer parents who have to still learn about how to educate your children when comes to soccer, then you should learn these tips, according to Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Training Time

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Training Time

Remember that it takes time

Being good and skilled in soccer is not something that your child will do from one day to another. It will take time and discipline if you want to see some important results in the soccer that your children will be able to develop. You will have to train them in the moral sense also because they can need some motivation and encouragement in order to become really good soccer players.

 They will need to work out

Not like if they were bodybuilders, of course, but they will need some daily work out such as some push-ups and jogging quite often. You can actually look for daily work out routines for children who play soccer often.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Good strategy is necessary

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Good strategy is necessary

Your child will need strategy

This is something important because you have to remember that soccer is not a sport that you play alone. In order to really have success in soccer, the player needs to be able to interact with the team in a nice way. Sometimes it is important to remember that if you have a good teamwork, it is more likely that the team wins.

 Shooting and aiming

This is something that your children have to learn as soon as possible because in order to do good shoots which is actually one of the most important parts of being a soccer player, your children will need a good training. If you feel that you need extra help, you can always hire a trainer or look for a local club!

Children Soccer: Fratelsa F.C.

If you want to learn about the children soccer team Fratelsa F.C. in Venezuela, then you should keep reading this article.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa soccer team

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa soccer team

This soccer team will work for you as a good example of how to train your children in a very nice way.

Fratelsa is an institution that has been training children in order to improve their soccer skills. These children have been improving nicely and showing what they got in national tourneys and different matches that they can enjoy. It is very nice to remember that soccer is a sport that is not easy to develop in terms of a very remarkable ability, it requires some gusts to be that dedicated and children in Fratelsa have that!

If you want to have a good trainer, then you should consider going to an institution like the Fratelsa F.C. in your local area. The important thing is that they do have a good training program, skillful people who can lead them thorough their trainings and remember that they will not be able to reach all of their objectives in one single shot, this takes time!

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa is a Team

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Fratelsa is a Team

However, consider that you should enjoy the process and that your children will be very happy to practice the same way the children in Fratelsa have been doing. Fratelsa also has the feature of taking children abroad from time to time in order to watch soccer matches in a professional way like the opportunity in which they went to Madrid in 2010.

This is important to know and consider that there are other soccer intuitions that will compete against them in the local areas that also represent a nice opportunity to test how much your children have improved compared with their lasts efforts!

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez : How to help your child to become a better player

Children commonly enjoy playing soccer but there are some of them who will show special dedication to it. This is when you know your children have the potential to be good. They can even get really far when it comes to such a nice sport.

Soccer will always demand its players to have discipline. In order to help your children to achieve their goals and become better players, Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez recommends you to check the following tips:

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez - Team work tp assure victory

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez – Young Soccer Players

  1. Train a lot is the key: this means you will need to encourage your children to train very often because it is the only way they will gain the discipline they need to succeed. Routine is essential to help them improve their skills. Good soccer  players take its time to develop!
  2. Be patient: you won’t see positive results in your children’s training from one day to another. If you really want them to be successful then you should keep in mind that it will take good time, months and even years. But it will be worthy. Still, you’ll notice changes after following these tips.
  3. Remember that your children are human beings: they will get tired, frustrated at some points and they will need encouragement. That’s where you enter! You need to support them as much as you can whether economically (if possible) or morally.
  4. Enjoy the whole experience with them: you should be able to enjoy watching them grow up, remember that you will be able to see this stage of their life only once, so don’t miss it! Don’t stress out too much and enjoy the process as well. You must encourage them and enjoy as much as possible with them while you still are available for it!


Soccer and Children: Learning Some Tips

You may want to learn more about Soccer and children since you possibly don’t know that much unless you are a soccer parent who has been into this for some time. You have possibly noticed some interest in soccer from your children if you are still reading this, but remember that it takes more than some good interest in soccer if you want your children to really make it into this competitive sport.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Your children will enjoy so be patient

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Your children will enjoy so be patient

Here you can get some important coaching tips for your children, so they have a good soccer time with you as well:

  1. Soccer should be done voluntarily by your children: this is important because you cannot just impulsively order your children over and over to practice and practice without really taking into account if they want to do it or not. They may love soccer, but if you put too much pressure on their minds, chances are that they don’t even like the sport at the end. Stay patient and relax with this important aspect!
  2. It is necessary that you remember that children are not adults: this is logic, right? Then don’t treat them as if they were that clever to get all of what you get right from the beginning. It is better that you just let them practice for fun and humbly remind them about the fact that they have to remember that if they want to be better they have to be constant. Don’t get out of control if they still take some time to take action.
  3. It is important to relax: This is for both of you. You and your children must learn how to have a good time together outside the soccer environment. Whenever you are with your children at home, remind them how much you love them and how much you want them to be successful, this is a true tip for success not only in soccer, but in many things in life.
    Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Game on!

    Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Game on!

    Written by Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Children and Soccer: Learning About It!

Children will commonly love the idea of playing soccer and you should consider that soccer is a very nice activity that children can practice as a sport. This is a very interesting sport that many children can practice in order to be better and better, so they can be unique soccer players with good talent developed since the beginning.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Children will enjoy training!

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Children will enjoy training!

Soccer is something that requires more than talent though. You will need that your children play efficiently or at least hire somebody who can teach him/her. If you consider that it could be an expensive way to train your children, you can consider just letting him/her into a local soccer club, so he/she can actually develop soccer skills.

Soccer includes a very interesting set of strategies and techniques that you may want to learn a little bit more about in a case that you are not that professional with this sport.

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Teach them technique and strategy too!

Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez: Teach them technique and strategy too!

Passing is one of the techniques that your child will have to learn during the time that he/she learns this sport. Remember that passing is not only about trying to get the ball to the other player, it should be done with proper technique and the execution of this technique is actually going to be important at every time your child plays.

Remember to make sure your child learns about shooting and aiming. This is something that should be combined, shooting nicely will require a good aiming in order to be able to score and make sure that the ball enters into the rival archery. After this is done, chances are that soccer will become something that your child like and remember that you should keep him/her motivated!

Written by Mariano Agustin Diaz Ramirez.

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